Apply for a Work Exchange

Before applying for a work exchange, please fill out the application to join us at Co-Creation Castle. Once you’re approved, you can apply for a work exchange.

All participants, regardless of whether they’re paying for a private room or shared accommodation are invited to gift their skills, time, art, or energy for the sake of the group.

If you apply for a work exchange, be aware that this will require 15 hours a week of your time - the rest of the time you’re free to whimsy about, work on your own projects, go for walks and participate in any of the group activities.

Please note the work exchanges at Co-Creation castle will require an advance payment for $50 per week ($150 per month) to cover food and the cost of supplies.

For the sake of everyone, please note that we’ll accept work exchanges for one week at a time. If it goes well, you’re free to stay the whole month.

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All work exchanges will require a minimum number of meals and/or up to 15 hours a week, during specific hours to facilitate things like meals and keeping the space beautiful.