Meet the partners behind Alchemy


Alchemy is the transformation of ourselves, our economy, nature, and everything that we create or come into contact with. We realize that innovation is the mixing, the combining, the multidisciplinary experimentation of what’s seen and know, and what’s unseen and unknown.

Alchemy is all of this.

We are the co-creators of the new age, building spaces where belonging is put at the forefront, comfortable luxury is accessible, and groups can be with one another in nature, in settings that simultaneous stimulate, scintillate, and relax the senses.

Spaces and places where you remember. Where you’re seen. Where you see.


Chelsea Rustrum

Sharing economy author, co-founder of Instigation Protocol and founder of Blockchain for Good.


Roberto scaccia

Serial entrepreneur, previous restauranteur, founder of Off Grid Box, angel investor, and Italian.