Building a new economy by remapping
ourselves and the world around us

We are becoming. This is our time.

As global citizens, we must rise and collectivize, together.

It is our duty, our responsibility, and our call to rethink and question what we know. To push against our own edges and those that we’ve found ourselves born into. At Alchemy, we’re building the opportunity to not only host participatory new age—innovation and wellness retreats, but also the chance to live, work, eat, cook, and play side by side, facilitating shifts in our inner and outer consciousness as individuals and an interdependent whole.


A Think Tank, Retreat Center, and Innovation Space

Alchemy Labro space is a 30,000 square foot covent in Italy, one and a half hours north of Rome at the foot of the medieval village of Labro. The castle like architecture was redone from the inside out less than 10 years ago, maintaining the structural integrity of the walls of the original convent.

With 14 bedrooms, a two story theatre, seated restaurant, and a coworking space, Alchemy Labro is the perfect place for your group to drop-in and connect at a level that surpasses individual intelligence, aligning the force between you, and revealing that which is already there.