Co-creation Castle FAQs

How do I get there?
We are 70 km (45 miles) north of Rome, easily accessible via two international airports. You can find more detailed directions by car, train, or bus here. You can take a 1 hour train (leaves about once an hour) from FCO or CIA to Terni. From Terni we are about 30 minutes by car or taxi.

We recommend renting a car in Terni. Depending on you arrival time, we may also be able to pick-up in Tern.

Do I need a car?
You don’t need a car, but we recommend renting one to explore the region, restaurants, and shopping. Cars are about $15/ day, 100/week.

That being said, this is a co-creative intentional community. We encourage ride sharing.

Driving in Italy is the same side of the road as in the U.S. Non-EU drivers will need an international drivers license and your passport. Those coming from the US can get an international drivers license at any AAA - you fill out a simple form, pay $25 and are on your way.

How do meals and food work?
With your stay, you’ll get three meals a day fully catered, including water and wine. If you have food allergies or special requests, please let us know ahead of your stay. There’s also a local grocery store within a short walk, which has some fruit, milk, cheese, and incidentals. For bigger shopping trips, there’s a 24 hour market within a 15 minute drive.

Can I come for less than a week?
If you’d like to come for a few days, please be prepared to pay for a full week.

Co-creation Castle is an intentional community. For the sake of the rest of the group, it makes sense to stay for longer period so that you can meet everyone and contribute.

How will activities be organized?

This is an intentional community, where everyone will co-create programming together. We have a number of possible activity recommendations, including day trips to vineyards, historic areas, hiking, water sports, and to nearby cities like Florence or Rome. Activity costs will vary and are additional.

Will I be able to focus?
Co-creation Castle is a choose your own adventure experience. There will be quiet work rooms, a coworking space for heads down work and collaboration, plus many spaces to socialize and reflect.  You’ll have time by yourself when you want it, and time with the community.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the room, view, and privacy - there are different prices per week and per month. Please apply here.

Are you open to volunteers or work trade?
We’re open to offering a one week stipend of accommodations in a hostel room. This includes your own bed and full use of the space and participation in all programming. Meals are extra.

This might mean teaching yoga daily, painting a large canvas to hang, or something else that will make the space sing. We also need help with cleaning, cooking, and other activities. Volunteer opportunities are limited, so please fill out the application and make mention of what you’d like to gift and that you’re interested in this program.

How do I sign up?
First you must apply and our team will do a short interview to make sure you’re a fit for our program and the chemistry of the rest of the group. Also, please consider that this is not an experience you’re buying, but one we’re actually all co-creating.


An unforgettable experience of co-creation from June 10 through July 10.

Apply for an invite.