4D at Alchemy for New Years 2019

During New Years 2019, we hosted 35 people from mostly from San Francisco in Labro Italy at Alchemy.

The group does annual goal setting and has done so for 15 years, comprised of researchers, academics, space engineers, culture spinners, new economy thinkers, investors, artists, and the like — the group met for 4 days, visited Marmore Falls (just 15 minutes away from Alchemy) and had an epic New Years dinner and party in the convent. They used different break out areas outside, in the coworking space, downstairs, in the living and dining rooms for various discussions.

At night, lightning talks happened in the restaurant area, one night they even projected onto the castle walls, and jammed out to live guitar played by several of the participants whilst passing around fresh cheese, olives, wine, and aperitivo.