Beyond Happiness

A special event for conscious Leaders

The Path to Fulfillment

A REtreat in Labro, italy - THIS September 5th-8th

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What’s next? What is Beyond Happiness?

Come enjoy the reprieve of a convent from the 1300s in Labro, Italy and learn from some of the worlds greatest authors, meditation coaches, and experts a path to fulfillment that you can take with you to build the next steps of leadership in your own life and in the impact you’ll surely have on others.

You’ll be whisked into the past and an ancient village, surrounded by a lake, within 10 minutes of a jaw dropping waterfall, and next to walking paths and wildflowers that will gently force you into the present moment.

For 3 nights and 2 days you’ll be spoiled with a private room and ensuite bathroom, three daily meals of delicious local food, and many captivating spaces to enjoy the company of your own presence, the other people in the group, and the teachers on site.

The programming will leave with you a plan, actionable steps, and peers to take those steps with.

We’ll provide meaningful programming in an inspiring setting, daily yoga and meditation, and time for silent walks and excursions to local attractions.

We’re on a journey to becoming conscious leaders

We are global citizens, leaders of the future, and activators for good. As CEOs, impact investors, philanthropists, creative strategists, and innovators - we’re purpose-driven and cooperative. We seek conscious leadership and fulfillment on the way to building a brighter future for all. We recognize that we must transform as the world shifts, shapes, and changes according to our efforts.

Join our community at Alchemy Spaces in Labro in the quest to build a human and planetary centric economy, where you’ll meet others who share your mission and are on a growth journey too.

This is the first of a series of events that will accelerate your conscious leadership and help you be a better co-creator, coming from an expansive place of enoughness and gratitude in all of your interactions.

Our world leading experts

Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta is the bestselling author of Immediate Happiness and has the unique ability to get you the clarity you need to remove the barriers of what has been holding you back. If you’re serious about fast-tracking your life to a place you know you deserve then his teachings are for you. He’ll be leading us over several sessions that will fuse together a plan for building a more expansive, fulfilled life.

Dina Kaplan

Dina Kaplan is the founder of The Path where she teaches CEOs and executives in international retreats how to go inward and create a new outward journey. She’ll be joining us and setting the stage for our work together through silence, deep guidance, and sessions that will help us access ourselves at a more intrinsic level, leading our work in purpose and fulfillment from the inward sense.

John Taylor

John Taylor is an internationally recognized coach and speaker, dedicated to providing leaders the tools to live a "high purpose life." He's helped thousands answer the questions: Who am I really? And who did I come here to be? The answers provide the clarity necessary to claim their full lives, now, in this lifetime.

Your hosts include: Peter Crane, Chelsea Rustrum, and Roberto Scaccia

A unique, unforgettable experience

In addition to the programming and teachings with the leaders mentioned, we’ll offer you

  • Three nights in a private room with a view and private bath*

  • Three Italian, freshly cooked meals per day (we can accommodate dietary restrictions)

  • A private 20-minute session and free advance webinars with Anil Gupta

  • Your own 90-minute massage and sound healing session on-site

  • Programming and workshops with other conscious leaders

  • Small groups and lots of interaction

  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • A plan you can take home with you

*Rooms are available in multiple configurations and are subject to availability. You’ll only pay an additional $595 for dual occupancy.

Activities & Facilities


Music by John Jagger

Musical interludes with John Jagger, who’s currently touring in Europe. Musical roots in blues, African folk, reggae, world music. Main mantra in life is to 'keep it simple.' John’s hoping to bring out the musician in all of us — so our egos can get out of the way — he’ll show us how to let our subconscious guide us.